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Bullets" tracks:

First Step
Teddies in the Window
Leave Me Alone
The Job
Theme from Ms. Tree
She’s a Tease
Listen to My Heartbeat
She’s My Girl
Let Me Live My Life Without You
Rock and Roll Rhythm
Let It Go

Available in CD and Cassette.

"Bullets" by Crusin’"

How about a pure unadulterated slice of garage band rock? Crusin’ delivers the goods. How about a band that digs into the retro bag so far down that you’d swear the tunes had to be on the radio in the sixties? "Bullets" comes right out of that sack! You’ll hear echoes of The Kinks, The Righteous Bothers, Them, The Young Rascals, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Standells, and Question Mark and The Mysterians. Farfisa organ licks and jangly guitar with a solid back beat are the status quo on "Bullets."

From the eye catching artwork by "Ms Tree" and "Batman" artist Terry Beatty, to the Pulp Rock sensibilities of the lyrics by popular mystery writer/movie director Max Allan Collins and his partner in crime, guitar slinger/engineer/producer Paul Thomas, "Bullets" takes you back to a time when a record was what four guys with chops could deliver on a good day in the studio. Not the result of a billion overdubs, with nobody playing in the same room together, like most of the "product" on the radio today. Just the playing and consensus of four guys working together in the studio "the old fashioned way."

My Personal Faves include; "First Step," a tune with a classic Them meets The Standells vibe, "Let It Go" with its driving rhythm guitar, choppy drum breaks and slightly psychedelic chorus, and the Mark Lindsay influenced vocals on the spooky Thomas’ composition "The Job." For the folks who are interested in this collection for its connection to the world of Comic Books, Crusin’ has included "The Theme From Ms. Tree," which was originally released as a flexi-disc in an issue of Max Allan Collins’ Ms. Tree comic book. "Bullets" also has the added bonus of a picture of Ms. Tree swinging a guitar printed on the CD.

Crusin’ is still actively performing in Iowa. They are frequent performers at oldies revivals, concerts and the occasional mystery writers or comic book conventions. Beat Brothers Records are pleased that the first official release of our reactivated label is a retrospective of the band, beginning with its debut in the 1960’s entitled: Crusin’ A.K.A Daybreakers "Thirty-Year Plan." We are happy to offer both of these fine, fine, super-fine releases to both casual and rabid retro collectors.