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"The Golden Age"

The Truth Hurts
Pussy Whipped
True Detective
Sunshine Superman
More Fun
Reality Break
Super Hero Blues
King Jack
Flame On
The Golden Age
Vintage Pulp

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"The Golden Age"
by Seduction of the Innocent

Beat Brothers Records released "The Golden Age" in 1990. It has been unavailable for many, many years.

Due to a "warehouse find" we are proud to be able to offer this historic recording again for a limited time in its original incarnation. Less than one hundred copies remain of the original run.

Seduction of the Innocent-Myth, Legend, Fact and (altered) Reality

"The Golden Age" is the creation of comic book/motion picture legends Bill Mumy, Max Allan Collins, Miguel Ferrer and Steve Leialoha. If you’re curious about what The Twilight Zone, X-Men, Stephen King’s: Night Flier, Dick Tracy, Twin Peaks, and Howard the Duck have in common, check out the Beat Brothers Bios on these guys, and prepare to be impressed. This fine recording is in a class all by itself. I call it "Pulp-Rock-Noir." Bill Mumy at the time, referred to its sound as "American Guitar." It really is an eclectic mixture of Rock, Country Blues, and Jazz, and I still hear traces of garage-band-punk haloing the (nicely) rough edges.

On the composition side, the songs are all themed to the world of Comic Books and Pulp culture. Sometimes this takes an oblique form, as in "The Truth Hurts" where the only connection is the Green Lantern oath being invoked, and sometimes it’s right on the money, like the heartfelt tribute to Jack Kirby, "King Jack." Other stand-outs include the Mumy-Ferrer composition "True Detective," which speaks of the world of the Nate Heller novels written by bandmate Max Allan Collins, or the infamous "Pussy Whipped," heard here in its second recorded version, the first being the Barnes and Barnes’ recording. I played drums on the most recent version by The Jenerators, and I must say that I prefer the SOTI version (without me), because it has the loose, raw feel of real rock and roll. It also has Miguel Ferrers’ first-ever-recorded lead vocal, and it is superb.

Seduction of the Innocent returned to live performance at San Diego Comic Con International ’99 for the first time in 5 years, and at present are happy to be performing together again, and are expected to remain active for quite some time. Discussions are underway concerning new recordings, concerts and group ventures.

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