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30 Year Plan by Crusin'
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Welcome to
Beat Brothers Records

You've arrived at the home of the "Eccentric, Eclectic, Electric." Our mission is to "boldly tweak the expectations of the record buying public." Although this may be accomplished through a variety of styles of music, some familiar, some not so familiar, it is indeed our aim to surprise, entertain, and occasionally confound the listener.

The music and your sales matter

Because we are a small independent label, our very survival depends upon our connection and direct sales to a small minority in the listening universe, namely, the adventurer. After having been "missing in action" for a number of years, Beat Brothers Records is excited by the possibilities of re-entering the music business community by direct sales through the internet, by-passing the messy, exhaustive, expensive, exploitative nature of the music sales and distribution industry as we (until now) have known it. So, as we climb back out of the primordial ooze, and begin to sharpen our image and expand our catalog, we would like to extend our invitation to you personally. Please feel free to hop aboard and enjoy the ride.

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